Sunnyside Dwellers

Alt-Rock / / Los Angeles, CA

Blending elements of alternative, psych rock, and indie pop, Sunnyside Dwellers weave a tapestry of profound lyrics and soulful textures within their music. Each member's distinctive style plays a vital role in shaping the band's dynamic and compelling sound, infusing each live performance with an electrifying energy that defines their stage presence.

Debut EP: Unveiling Sunnyside Dwellers

Sunnyside Dwellers' debut EP takes you on a captivating musical journey through three evocative tracks. "Blood in the Water" dissects the repercussions of political disengagement, offering a stark commentary on psychological warfare and societal manipulation. "What Have You Done" speaks to the impact of Mahsa Amini's story, the protests in Iran, and the struggle for women's rights. Lastly, "Causeway" invites you to embark on an introspective journey, floating through dreamlike spaces and reflecting on ones life's choices. Sunnyside Dwellers' music is a compelling and emotionally charged exploration of the human condition, marking an exciting beginning for this emerging band.

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