Sunnyside Dwellers is a brand spanking new alternative psych rock band based in West Los Angeles. Hailing from all over the country they have been hard at work on their debut EP. These 4 friends converged on a unique sound that is both current and nostalgic.  Ramel and Tyler had a history of performing together in Denver, Chicago the Rocky Mountains and even some odd corners of the UK.  Meanwhile, Joey and Bano linked up from a balcony Santa Monica serenade, fit for a scene out of Romeo and Juliet.  When the four got together, there was an instant connection.  A musical romance of groove, grit, melody and a touch of cacophony.   

The individual members have won a variety of awards, credits and have developed a global audience. Their debut EP is set to release 10/13/2023.  It was recorded at 4th Street Studios in Santa Monica, with the producer, Sejo Navajas.  Sunnyside Dwellers will hit the road in 2024, bringing their electrifying sound to cities across the country.


Esteban (Bano) Hernandez  - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Bano is a shoot from the hip and hit a bullseye sort of guitarist.  A little punk, a little new wave with a healthy dose of grunge.  His playing is infectious and his sense of abandon makes everyone in the room smile. 

Ramel Sanchez- Drums and Backing Vocals

Ramel has graced some amazing stages such as Red Rocks, Cervantes and The House of Blues to name a few.  A jack of all trades and instruments, as a drummer he has a great pocket, an alt rock sensibility and a tendency to make the audience drop serious a$$.

Joey Turman - Bass and Backing Vocals 

Joey has a way of writing bass lines that haunt you.  They work their way in and refuse to leave.  And.. you are happy about it. The son of a voice teacher and born into a musical family, Joey has been an incredible addition to the group.  His background in theory and love of the jam world and fusion creates a perfect juxtaposition to Bano's thrilling, instinctual style. 

Tyler Imbrey - Lead Vocals and Guitar, Lyrics

Tyler Imbrey is an American genre-spanning songwriter, a serial band guy, singer and guitarist. In the last few years, his songwriting has attracted over 2 million streams on Spotify and placed 18th on ITUNES India, Americana Charts.  He has performed all over the United States and across the pond in clubs, festivals and even furniture stores.